A Guide to Motorcycle Accident Claims

A Guide to Motorcycle Accident Claims

No matter how careful you or your loved one is on the road, many motorcycle accidents still occur due to negligent driving. You have a right to subsequent fair compensation if you become injured after being the victim of a motorcycle accident. A motorcycle accident lawyer has significant expertise in helping Maryland residents file motorcycle accident claims and gathering supporting evidence to increase their chances for fair compensation.

Personal Injuries Damages

An injured motorcycle rider should immediately contact a personal injury lawyer to build their case as soon as they visit the hospital for treatment. Your attorney may speak to the doctor treating you or get copies of your medical records to use as supporting evidence for your claim.

There are three types of personal injury damages one may file for after being in a life-changing motorcycle accident. 

Economic Damages

Economic damages are damages that have a monetary value, such as medical bills or damaged property. Past and future wages are another significant economic damage you may be eligible to receive compensation for after an accident. It’s crucial to ensure that the final settlement includes payment for future medical expenses, prescriptions, therapies, and other treatments.

Non-Economic Damages

You may also claim damages for things that don’t have a monetary value. Non-economic damages are difficult to value as they don’t incur a charge or have a price. Motorcycle accident lawyers have significant experience evaluating these aspects of your accident and determining an appropriate monetary value to help you and your loved ones reach a more satisfying outcome.

Individuals injured in motorcycle crashes may have PTSD or physical disfigurement. If you have these resulting mental or physical effects, it may be possible to claim damages for mental anguish, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, and reduced quality of life. Monetary gains won’t bring back your previous lifestyle, but they can help ease the struggle of adapting to new injuries or limitations.

Punitive Damages

In rare cases, motorcycle accident claims can garner punitive damages. In extreme cases, these damages are allowed by the judge to discourage the type of behavior that caused the accident.

Damages You can Include In Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

The circumstances of every accident are different. Depending on the specific facts of motorcycle accident claims, victims or their families may be entitled to significant compensation. Damages you can claim regarding your motorcycle accident include:

  •         Property damage: The defendants may pay for the repair if your motorcycle or other property gets damaged in an accident.
  •         Pain and suffering: Disfigurement, disability, chronic pain, and other results of a motorcycle accident can result in significant pain or suffering. This decreased enjoyment in life may mean you’re eligible to receive compensation.
  •         Wrongful death: Families whose loved ones passed away in a motorcycle accident can get claim compensation for wrongful death. 
  •         Loss of consortium: Spouses of injured individuals can get damages for loss of consortium after a motorcycle accident harms their relationship, lifestyle, or ability to support them.

Filing a Motorcycle Accident Claim

It’s best to file a claim sooner than later. In most cases in Maryland, the statute of limitations for filing motorcycle accident claims is three years from the day the accident occurred. Except in very rare cases, you lose your ability to pursue a claim after that time limit.

Filing a claim can be a lengthy process. Your personal injury lawyer will discuss your case with you to get all the details. They’ll also perform the following tasks to uncover supporting evidence for your claim:

  •         Interview your doctors
  •         Get information on your treatment and future prognosis
  •         Survey the scene of the crash
  •         Interview eyewitnesses
  •         Confirm the accident’s details through security camera footage
  •         Read documents like police accident reports and criminal records
  •         Analyze photographs of the accident and damaged property.

You should let your attorney communicate with the insurance company on your behalf throughout the claims process to ensure that the adjuster is negotiating in good faith. A quality personal injury lawyer has the skills and experience to correctly evaluate liability, and understand your local laws as they apply to your claim. You will have a partner throughout the litigation process.

Motorcycle accident claims are especially tricky in Maryland due to the often extensive injuries and medical bills the victim has to bear. Between the many causes and various potential damages, having a detail-oriented, expert, and knowledgeable lawyer is necessary.

Choose Ferrante & Dill, LLC For Motorcycle Accident Claims

Have you or a loved one been in a life-altering motorcycle accident within the past three years? You may be eligible for compensation. Ferrante & Dill, LLC helps Calvert County residents file motorcycle accident claims and helps support their suit after they suffer an injury or wrongful death.

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