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Business Lawyer

Business Lawyer in Southern Maryland

When starting, operating, or ending a business, it helps to have an experienced business lawyer on your side. If you require a business lawyer in Calvert County, MD, or the surrounding areas, contact the professionals at Ferrante & Dill, LLC

Our law firm has years of experience helping clients navigate various legal issues during every phase of a business’s lifecycle to reduce liability risks. At Ferrante & Dill, our results-driven team strives to provide successful representation to business owners and the issues they face running their establishments.

Why Hire a Business Lawyer?

As a Maryland business owner, you must carefully navigate business laws to ensure your enterprise’s compliance and success. Working with a small business lawyer who practices business law and has ample experience representing professional clients is essential for a thriving enterprise. 

Federal, state, and local laws frequently change. Working with a knowledgeable business lawyer from Ferrante & Dill will protect your business from legal changes that could result in non-compliance. Our team stays abreast of the law and its changes to make it easier for you.

Business Laws That Business Owners Must Follow

The purpose of business laws is to provide regulations for businesses to follow to ensure their functionality. They also protect businesses, vendors, and customers. A skilled business lawyer will impress upon you the importance of adhering to regulations that pertain to your company. 

A Ferrante & Dill business lawyer will help you understand these laws to prevent your company from facing legal ramifications.


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Areas a Business Lawyer in Calvert County May Address

Unfortunately, many business owners are unaware of how many laws their companies must follow. Working with a business lawyer with intricate knowledge of federal and state regulations will ensure that you have essential information to understand common business laws, including the following.

Employment and Labor

This branch of business law refers to the rights and duties between companies and their workers. Most employment and labor laws involve protections for employee rights. Your business lawyer from Ferrante & Dill will help you navigate employment and labor laws to ensure that you properly manage personal records, enforce Maryland overtime rules, and more.

Online Business Transactions

This branch of business law refers to the rights and duties between companies and their workers. Most employment and labor laws involve protections for employee rights. Your business lawyer from Ferrante & Dill will help you navigate employment and labor laws to ensure that you properly manage personal records, enforce Maryland overtime rules, and more.

Intellectual Property Law

Businesses often deal with intellectual properties or intangible assets that require legal protection. Your business lawyer can advise you on securing trademarks, patents, and copyrights that your company has or will develop.

Finance Law

Finance laws pertain to policies and regulations governing transactions involving money raised through bonds, stocks, sales, and borrowing. The statutes also deal with bankruptcy, which some businesses experience. However, finance laws protect vendors and customers as well as business owners.

Privacy Law

It is common for businesses to collect and store personal data from customers. Privacy law governs confidentiality practices and the security of sensitive information.

Workplace Safety

Employees have rights and protections under workplace safety and health laws. The employer's responsibility is to maintain a safe work environment free from hazardous conditions.

How a Business Lawyer Can Address Areas of Concern for Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you have many day-to-day operational tasks to deal with while running your company. Whether you own a corporation or run a small business, you cannot ignore regulations that could penalize you and leave many legal issues for you and your company to address. 

It takes many years of training to handle complex legal issues that typically arise when running a business, such as negotiating real estate leases or creating contracts. That is why having an experienced business lawyer is critical for your company’s success. 

When you hire a business attorney from Ferrante & Dill, you can rest assured that your legal obligations are in the hands of a professional with years of business law experience. The attorney will handle everything accordingly, leaving you time to manage your business without worrying about non-compliance.

Buying or Selling a Business

Hiring a lawyer when buying or selling a business is essential. For instance, a business lawyer can assist with the succession process to ensure that the business continues running upon your retirement or death. The attorney can draft a detailed business succession plan to secure your business and legacy. 

If you no longer want to run your business, a business lawyer can also assist with the company’s transfer into another entrepreneur’s ownership or divide assets and terminate the company entirely. A buying business lawyer can also help with the acquisition of an established company. 

Other Ways a Business Attorney Can Help a Small Enterprise

Startups will also benefit from the knowledge of a small business attorney. With legal counsel, a startup will have guidance on developing a business structure, creating company policies, and hiring employees. 

Small businesses may need permits and licenses to operate legally, and business registration through the state is often a requirement. The amount of paperwork and legalities in starting a business can be overwhelming without a knowledgeable business lawyer to help you build your enterprise on a solid foundation. 

Your business lawyer can assist in other ways, regardless of your business's size or duration of your operation, including

Employment Contract Disputes

Dispute a settlement or litigation

Breach of contract

Lease Disputes and Agreements

Contract Negotiations

Business Tax Planning

Company Restructuring

Civil Litigation Representation

Mergers or Acquisitons

Hiring or Firing Workers

Hire an Experienced Business Lawyer Today

At Ferrante & Dill, LLC, we ensure that our business clients understand and adhere to the federal, state, and local laws that pertain to their companies. Many regulations will help business owners and their enterprises operate under favorable conditions. A business lawyer from our law firm who is well-versed in business law will help protect your enterprise from unnecessary liabilities and risks. 

Ferrante & Dill has years of experience practicing business law for companies of all sizes in Calvert County, MD. Call 410-535-6100 today to request a consultation with a skilled business lawyer from our law firm. 

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Eve TaylorEve Taylor
12:37 09 Feb 23
I was sad to see that money and people were more they're concerns, than what horrific situations I faced, which they refused to help me... Justice seems to rule through who's got the money.... Who knows who... Very 😭 sad 😢....
John HareJohn Hare
18:32 29 Nov 21
Nick honestly was one of the most respectful, hardworking, but most importantly efficient lawyer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with every case I’ve got with him has ended in the absolute best possible scenario. If your reading this and not sure stop here your search is over hire Mr. Ferrante.
Paul BoyerPaul Boyer
23:41 25 Apr 21
The Ferrante, Dill & Hisle law firm has been a very good experience. Attorney David Hisle, in particular, has always been attentive to my needs and an ultimate professional in his advice, which is of utmost importance to me since I am located more than 2,000 miles from their Maryland office . I highly recommend the entire firm including their very savvy and courteous staff. Thanks much for all that you have done for me and continue to do.
Jordan LinialJordan Linial
22:06 21 Apr 21
After an initial meeting and hearing where Mr. Hisle spent time preparing for court he unfortunately could not move forward with my case due to a conflict of interest. This being the situation he returned my FULL retainer which I was not expecting. As a disabled veteran and blue collar worker it showed me how much integrity Mr. Hisle has not only as a lawyer but person. Although he was no longer working my case he asked to know the results whenever my case is settled demonstrating a high level of compassion and caring.Extremely professional. 100% recommend his services.
Krista GarrettKrista Garrett
19:10 24 Oct 18
David Hisel handled a business matter for me and not only was he quick to resolve the issue but he did it in a way that was professional and low cost. He was wonderful to work with and I will definitely continue to work with him and Ferrante and Dill for my business and personal legal matters.