Assault Lawyer

Assault Lawyer

Assault Lawyer in Southern Maryland

You have the opportunity to secure legal help if you face charges of assault in Calvert County, Maryland. An assault lawyer can help you review your options for building a defense while protecting your rights. Our team at Ferrante & Dill, LLC, handles violent crime charges in Calvert County, Maryland area. We put our training and legal knowledge to work for clients accused of assault. Find out more by calling us today at 410-535-6100.

Why Work with an Sexual Assault Lawyer in Calvert County?

The court system in Maryland treats violent crime charges seriously. This sentiment includes charges for assault and sexual assault, which also qualifies as a sex crime. A conviction could lead to numerous harsh penalties and damage to your reputation. Fortunately, you do not have to handle these charges alone. Instead, you can reach out to an assault lawyer to receive professional guidance about all aspects of your case. Assault lawyers focus on having your charges dismissed or reduced, helping you move forward with your life. An assault attorney can help you handle misdemeanor or felony charges. They answer your questions, stand up for you, and protect your rights while offering legal representation for your assault case.
Assault Lawyer

Assault and Sexual Assault Laws in Calvert County

Maryland uses laws on assault and sexual assault to prosecute these crimes. Generally, a conviction leads to fines and incarceration.

However, the penalties often depend on the amount of harm resulting from the incident. The court may treat your case as a misdemeanor or felony.

Individuals convicted of sexual assault may also have to join Maryland’s sex offender registry. An assault and sexual assault lawyer can help you understand the charges you face while defending you in and out of court.

Types of Assault and Sexual Assault Charges in Maryland

An assault or sexual assault attorney can help you interpret the assault charges used in Calvert County, MD. Examples of these charges include:

Second-Degree Assault

You may want to work with an assault lawyer if you face second-degree assault charges. The court uses this charge to prosecute people accused of attempting to harm another person. Note that you may encounter this charge even if you do not cause a bodily injury to another person.

First-Degree Assault

An assault attorney can help you with a first-degree assault charge. The court uses this charge when someone attempts to cause a significant physical injury or commits an assault using a firearm. Firearms may include rifles, handguns, shotguns, and antique firearms. If the assault physically harms another person, the court may also use battery charges. An assault lawyer may help with both assault and battery charges.


A sexual assault lawyer can help you with rape charges in Calvert County, Maryland. Rape charges apply any time one person forces another into a sexual act. Rape can involve physical force, threats, blackmail, or sexual acts with a person unable to consent. A sexual assault lawyer can break down potential rape charges for you.

Other Sex Crimes

Several other sex crimes fall under the umbrella of sexual assault. For example, a sexual assault lawyer can help if the police charge you with touching, fondling, or kissing someone inappropriately. A lawyer could also help if you face accusations of failure to register as a sex offender after a conviction for a separate sex act. Find out more by reaching out to a sexual assault attorney for assistance today.

Child Sex Crimes

A sexual assault attorney may step in to assist if you face charges for child sexual abuse. Child molestation, child pornography, and indecency with a child all represent examples of these charges.

Services Offered by an Assault Lawyer in Calvert County, Maryland

sexual assault attorney

An assault lawyer can provide immediate help if you face criminal charges for a violent crime. Our team assesses the facts of your case and advises you during all questioning by police and prosecutors. We focus on having your charges reduced or even dismissed.

You may also work with an assault lawyer if you face accusations of misconduct. An assault lawyer can review the facts of your case, dispute claims made by your accuser, and protect your rights. We believe in listening to your side of the story.

Furthermore, an assault lawyer can support you in court. We present evidence on your behalf and discuss the defenses that could work for your situation. We often help our clients with plea bargains, which can reduce the charges you face after a sexual assault or assault allegation.

Speak to an Assault Lawyer Regarding Your Case

Take charge of your future if you face assault or sexual assault charges. Start working with a law firm that puts you first while handling your defense.

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