Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Calvert County

When you’ve been hit on a motorcycle by another motor vehicle, you could face dire consequences. Besides a helmet, motorcyclists have little protection and accidents can be fatal or result in life-altering injuries. The healing process can take months or even years.

The accident’s aftermath is daunting mentally, physically, and financially. In these situations, you need an experienced and trusted motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. 

At Ferrante & Dill, we’ve helped countless clients seek justice and fight for compensation. You need an expert team at your side when fighting for compensation, especially when steep medical bills and peace of mind are on the line.

Don’t endure a motorcycle accident case without the right team. If you need a knowledgeable and compassionate motorcycle accident lawyer in Calvert County, Ferrante and Dill, LLC is here to fight for your rights. Our team will help you navigate the complicated legal process by explaining your rights and helping you fight for compensation.

When You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Drivers of motor vehicles, especially larger ones, don’t always see motorcyclists on the road, leading to most accidents. When this happens due to carelessness, neglect, or irresponsibility behind the wheel, the driver can be held accountable. With a motorcycle accident attorney, you can discover what options lie ahead and devise a plan.

In many cases, victims face significant roadblocks during their case preventing them from fighting for adequate compensation and increasing their burden during recovery. This is especially true when the victim suffers from severe injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, many insurance companies try to point fault at the motorcyclist for driving erratically or disobeying the laws of the road. But these companies are looking to profit and try to avoid paying in full.

In these cases, refrain from giving them any information, and consult with an attorney first to ensure you have all your ducks in a row. The most significant mistake victims make is acting too hastily in shock and saying something that prevents them from building a proper case.

Navigating the Aftermath with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

First, you’ll need to record all evidence and damage. It’s important to keep a written record as soon as possible after the accident, so you don’t forget vital information. Share this information with your lawyer, and we’ll take it from there, allowing you to rest, recover, and recuperate while we fight for compensation.

Motorcycle accident victims can attempt to fight for different types of damages, including compensation for:

Medical expenses

Physical therapy and rehab procedures

Lost wages, ability to perform work, or earning power

Pain, mental duress, and suffering

Changed quality of life and ability to perform daily tasks

In the event of a fatal motorcycle accident, our lawyers can assist grieving family members with wrongful death claims. We aim to bring justice to grieving families by holding the responsible party liable and fighting for proper compensation.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle we tackle for clients is research as we launch a full investigation into the accident. We analyze who can be liable or held at fault by utilizing witnesses testimonies, private investigators, accident reconstructionists, and every other tool at our disposal to attempt to bring you a win in the courtroom. 

Any accident can leave victims devastated. We understand the unique stress of taking these cases to trial, which is why we work hard to fight for your compensation while you focus on recovering.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

As previously mentioned, motorcyclists have nowhere near the same level of protection as their car, truck, and bus counterparts. These exposed drivers can sustain severe damage from larger vehicles. Drivers can prevent these types of accidents by driving responsibly and sharing the road.

Some common causes for accidents that we handle include:



Failure to maintain vehicle

Pedestrians stepping into the road

Faulty or broken mirrors, lighting, or brakes

Failure to signal

Drunk or reckless driving

Illegal lane splitting or merging

Distracted driving

Contact a Trusted Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Calvert County

If you or a loved one needs a motorcycle accident lawyer, do not hesitate to call us immediately — the longer you wait, the more complicated the process may become. We offer free initial consultations so you can get your bearings straight and decide whether to proceed with a potential case.

Call Ferrante & Dill at (410) 535-6100 to book your consultation. We take the time to listen to your case and help you understand your rights so you can have peace of mind knowing that we are on your side

Motorcycle Accident Law
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Eve TaylorEve Taylor
12:37 09 Feb 23
I was sad to see that money and people were more they're concerns, than what horrific situations I faced, which they refused to help me... Justice seems to rule through who's got the money.... Who knows who... Very 😭 sad 😢....
John HareJohn Hare
18:32 29 Nov 21
Nick honestly was one of the most respectful, hardworking, but most importantly efficient lawyer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with every case I’ve got with him has ended in the absolute best possible scenario. If your reading this and not sure stop here your search is over hire Mr. Ferrante.
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The Ferrante, Dill & Hisle law firm has been a very good experience. Attorney David Hisle, in particular, has always been attentive to my needs and an ultimate professional in his advice, which is of utmost importance to me since I am located more than 2,000 miles from their Maryland office . I highly recommend the entire firm including their very savvy and courteous staff. Thanks much for all that you have done for me and continue to do.
Jordan LinialJordan Linial
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After an initial meeting and hearing where Mr. Hisle spent time preparing for court he unfortunately could not move forward with my case due to a conflict of interest. This being the situation he returned my FULL retainer which I was not expecting. As a disabled veteran and blue collar worker it showed me how much integrity Mr. Hisle has not only as a lawyer but person. Although he was no longer working my case he asked to know the results whenever my case is settled demonstrating a high level of compassion and caring.Extremely professional. 100% recommend his services.
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David Hisel handled a business matter for me and not only was he quick to resolve the issue but he did it in a way that was professional and low cost. He was wonderful to work with and I will definitely continue to work with him and Ferrante and Dill for my business and personal legal matters.